Same Data. New Perspective.

sureAnalyzer extends the powerful sureFleet platform by analyzing your sureFleet data and turning it into illuminating reports. Get high-level summaries on fleet performance, and granular details on each vehicle. sureAnalyzer is the perfect companion to sureFleet and will deepen your understanding of operating needs and trends.

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Preventive Maintenance

Proactively maintain your fleet with tools designed to expose problems before they become problems.

Appearance Inspections

Polish your professional image by monitoring the appearance of each vehicle in your fleet.

Safety Issue Response

Beat safety concerns by discovering which issues are handled well — and which are not.

Trip Inspections

Hone methods to reduce your liability costs by tracking and analyzing pre- and post-trip inspections.

Accident Analysis

Examine accident reports from your drivers and discover recurring issues or points in need of improvement.

Driver Qualifications

What are your team's strengths? Weaknesses? Harness this knowledge to your advantage.

Fuel Usage

How does each vehicle perform? What time-based patterns exist? Dissect your fuel usage and find answers.